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Chris Fleharty | CFE Event Photographers | Henderson, Nevada

Chris Fleharty, Owner

This is the inspiring story of Chris Fleharty, a true native of Nevada whose passion for photography has taken him on an incredible journey.

Early Years

In the early 1970s, Chris inherited his father’s love for photography and picked up his first 35mm rangefinder camera. Little did he know that this would be the beginning of a lifelong fascination with capturing moments through the lens. Within a year, he upgraded to a 35mm SLR camera, expanding his knowledge and techniques in photography. His father even supported his passion by allowing him to set up his own darkroom for developing black and white film and prints.

With a thirst for adventure, Chris spent countless hours backpacking and hiking through the picturesque landscapes of the Southwest. He documented not only the stunning scenery but also the outdoor trips of the Boy Scouts. However, his journey took an unexpected turn when he found himself thrust into the world of commercial photography at a young age.

First Commercial Photograph

It happened during a Las Vegas Outlaws Hockey Game in 1973. The regular photographer from the Las Vegas Sun was unable to cover the game on a Saturday night. Little did Chris know that this twist of fate would change his life forever. Armed with his new camera equipment, he sat in the stands, hoping to capture some shots of the game. But fate had other plans for him.

The general manager of the International Ice Palace noticed Chris and approached him in a hurry. He urgently needed someone to take the team photograph on the ice, and he needed 20 prints of the shot by morning. Chris didn’t hesitate. He stayed up all night, tirelessly processing and printing the group photos and action shots. In an instant, he went from a spectator to the official photographer for the Las Vegas Outlaws Hockey Team, junior hockey teams, and figure skaters.

Corporate Turn Broadens Abilities

However, Chris’s journey in photography took a turn in his late twenties. He decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at UNLV, focusing on Statistics. While studying, he found employment with prominent companies like Lockheed Corporation, IBM, Inacom Information Systems, Exabyte Corporation, and Computer Associates, where he excelled in the computer field as a National Account Manager in Northern California.

Level 2 Thermographer

But life is full of surprises, and when the dotcom boom eventually burst, Chris made the decision to return to his roots in Henderson, Nevada. Given the limited opportunities for high-tech companies in Las Vegas, he transitioned into the building trades, working as a Business Development Manager for the next 15 years. During this time, he seized an opportunity to train at FLIR Corporation and became a certified Level 2 Thermographer. Chris then spent about a year conducting infrared inspections in British Petroleum oil rigs and processing facilities in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

CFE Event Photographers is Launched!

In 2020, armed with the knowledge he had gained in business development, business management, and photography, Chris decided it was time to establish his own company. Equipped with state-of-the-art, high-resolution cameras and lenses, he embarked on a career in commercial event photography, specializing in corporate clients. His focus lies in capturing the essence of conventions, conferences, galas, banquets, luncheons, award ceremonies, publicity events, hospitality settings, golf tournaments, and professional headshots. His mission is to “create photos that showcase the essence and energy of each event“.

Follow Your Passions!

Chris Fleharty’s story is a testament to the power of following your passions and seizing opportunities when they arise. Through his lens, he has been able to capture the beauty of the world around him and share it with others. Today, he continues to pursue his passion for photography, bringing joy and memories to his clients through his exceptional work.

Proud Chamber Member

Chris Fleharty is a proud member of both the Las Vegas and Henderson Chambers of Commerce.

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CFE Event Photographers is dedicated to capturing and preserving unforgettable moments at commercial events. Our mission is to provide exceptional photography services that showcase the essence and energy of each event, ensuring our clients’ memories are beautifully documented for a lifetime.


To capture the essence and energy of every occasion, becoming the premier choice for commercial event photography in Las Vegas, Nevada, through our exceptional creativity, professionalism, and commitment to delivering unforgettable visual experiences.